Do I look like a ninja?(Please be honest!)

I have no idea

What costume do you intend to wear for nightmare night

The scariest thing of all…… a………..DONUT!!! Dun dun dùuuuuuuuuuuun lighting flashes

Your highness, if one may be so bold to enquire; art thou a plain bagel, or one of some other ilk?

From my time on the moon i have concluded that i am a normal bagel, with a light indescribable taste.

how much stuff can fit in the bagel hole, can I fit in your bagle hole?

A normal mare is about the limmit

Doth thou the only bagel-like sentient creature or is everyponyelse share thy princess of the nights species?

Nope, only me!


I dont love anyone bro, so dont feel left out

What is your goal in LIFE???? (or at least your current big objective)

Becoming an astrophysicist!

Have you ever considered the fact Luna uses Thou to refer to everyone, which can be a sign of disrespect towards people?

Well, thou in this context is being used to refer to the person in context without directly saying “you” and is there for more polite in a general sense

Did thous life have beenth swell or really horrible?

pretty swell

Are you sure you're a real bagel and not a spy?

Well…. I do have this..